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General Engineering

Degree offered: BA

Genetic Epidemiology

Genetic Epidemiology is defined by an amalgam of methods garnered from traditional epidemiology, population and family-based epidemiology, from statistics, and importantly, from bioinformatics. Together, specific aspects of these disciplines are applied to the study of genes and environment, and of gene environment interactions. Both quantitative and qualitative traits may be of interest. Genetic epidemiology uses unique case-control, family, and population-based designs, and genotyping from multiple sources.


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Geographic Information Systems


Degrees offered: BA

Geography and Environmental Engineering

Degrees offered: MA, MS, MSE, PhD


Degrees offered: Minor, BA, BA/MA, PhD

Global MBA

The flagship program of the Johns Hopkins Carey Business School reinvents the traditional business degree as it covers the essential subjects of business education, but with an innovative academic structure and a philosophy of producing students who want to profit society as well as turn a profit. It is designed to immerse students in a variety of learning approaches and experiences, including discussion-driven seminars, active learning through fieldwork and internships, self-assessment and discovery, team-based projects, consulting engagements, and an innovative “Discovery to Market” project.

Global Security Studies

Global Theory & History

The Global Theory and History Program examines continuityand change in the formation and maturation of territorially focused relations, along with transnational forces and ideologies. The program includes the interplay of political economy, diplomatic and military strategies and cultural civilizations.


Government (MBA/MA)

The distinctive Master of Business Administration/Master of Arts in Government responds to the needs of students who envision careers blending business and public-sector expertise. The rigorous course work, encompassing government, politics, ethics, global economics, financial theory, and management, bridges the traditional separation of private and public sectors.


The guitar curriculum offers a full range of courses to support the development of future teachers and concert artists. It features weekly performance classes, pedagogy, guitar ensemble, guitar and lute literature classes, and guitar skills and lute tablature instruction. All students in the guitar program work with Manuel Barrueco through master classes and other venues.

Gynecology and Obstetrics

Our faculty are nationally recognized leaders in all of the disciplines in the field. Our post-graduate education program is aimed at assuring the graduate physician is prepared to provide primary preventive care for women as well as advanced obstetrical and surgical intervention. Our goal is to give our students the skills to meet the challenges of the future world of rapidly changing medicine


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