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Early Music

The Early Music Program provides instruction and performance opportunities in Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, and early Classical music. Students play on period instruments and develop vocal techniques compatible with early performance practices.

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Degrees offered: Minor, BA, PhD

East Asian Studies

Degrees offered: BA


Degrees offered: Minor, BA, PhD

Educational Studies

Teachers in the MSEd program develop classroom skills as teacher leaders in order to make significant academic gains with their students, meet the needs of the whole child, and have a long term impact in the field of education.

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Degrees offered: MSE, PhD

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Degrees offered: MS, post-master’s certificate

Electrical Engineering

Degrees offered: BA, BS

Emergency Medicine

Students evaluate and manage their own patients under the supervision of residents and faculty, and are given as much independence as possible as they learn to develop differential diagnoses and management plans for their acutely ill patients.

Emergency Medicine Fellowship Programs

The Department of Emergency Medicine has formed a partnership with the Department of International Health in the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health to create the Center for Refugee and Disaster Response, a leading research and training center for the response to disasters and complex humanitarian emergencies.


Energy, Resources and Environment

The Energy, Resources and Environment (ERE) Program (formerly the International Policy Program) offers an interdisciplinary curriculum in international policy and an analysis of the energy, resources and environment sectors, integrating economics, political science, law and other academic disciplines.

Engineering for Sustainable Development

Degree: Minor only

Engineering Management

Degree offered: MS

Engineering Mechanics

Degree offered: BS


Degrees offered: Minor, BA, PhD

Ensemble Arts

The large ensemble program at the Peabody Conservatory of Music is designed to acquaint the entire student body, as well as the participating student, with the rich and varied literature of many musical genres, and to provide participants with the means, through rigorous rehearsals and frequent public performances, of developing their musical skills to a high level of artistic competence.

Entrepreneurship and Management

Degree offered: Minor only

Environmental Engineering

Degree offered: BS

Environmental Engineering, Science, and Management

Degrees offered: MEE, MSEES, MSEPM, ACPMS in Climate Change, Energy, Environmental Sustainability, graduate certificate

Environmental Health Sciences

The Department of Environmental Health Sciences is concerned with the adverse influence of the environment on human health and with controlling these influences.


The Department of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health is the oldest and among the largest of epidemiology departments in the world.

European Studies (SAIS)

Expository Writing

Genetic Epidemiology

Genetic Epidemiology is defined by an amalgam of methods garnered from traditional epidemiology, population and family-based epidemiology, from statistics, and importantly, from bioinformatics. Together, specific aspects of these disciplines are applied to the study of genes and environment, and of gene environment interactions. Both quantitative and qualitative traits may be of interest. Genetic epidemiology uses unique case-control, family, and population-based designs, and genotyping from multiple sources.

Mechanical Engineering

Degrees offered: Masters


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