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ABACUS Undergraduate Certificate

This intensive noncredit three-week program teaches non-business majors essential business skills and problem-solving techniques.

African Studies

The African Studies Program focuses on key political, economic and social questions in contemporary Africa. The program covers domestic and global aspects of African development, drawing on comparative approaches from the social sciences along with extensive contexual and historical knowledge of African countries. Students gain a strong foundation in both theory and applied knowledge.

Africana Studies (Center for)

Degrees offered: Minor, BA

American Foreign Policy

Through historical data and a better understanding of cultures, SAIS students and faculty strive to better understand American Foreign Policy.

Anesthesiology and Critical Care Medicine

Our goal is to train residents who are sought after by the leading academic anesthesiology programs for their faculty and by the top clinical practices.


Degrees offered: BA, PhD

Applied and Computational Mathematics

Degrees offered: MS, post-master’s certificate

Applied Biomedical Engineering

Degrees offered: MS, post-masters certificate

Applied Economics

Applied Mathematics and Statistics

Degrees offered: BA, BS, MA, MS, MSE, PhD

Applied Physics

Degrees offered: MS, post-master’s certificate

Arabic Languages Program

For more details on the programs available, click through to the summary page.


Degrees offered: BA

Art as Applied to Medicine

The Department of Art as Applied to Medicine is a leader in the field of visual communication for science and health care. Built on a strong foundation of scientific knowledge, artistic technique, and clear visual communication, the Department of Art as Applied to Medicine has maintained the highest standards while embracing new medical, scientific, and communication technologies.

Art Workshops

For more details on the programs available, click through to the summary page.

Asian Studies

Asian Studies is a broad field that provides an interdisciplinary approach to understanding the trends shaping Asia in the 21st century. Students in Asian Studies select a concentration in China, Japan, Korea, South Asia or Southeast Asia.


The Johns Hopkins Division of Audiology (also known as Hopkins Hearing) provides a comprehensive approach to hearing health care services for patients of all ages.

History of Art

Degrees offered: Minor, BA, MA, PhD

Physics and Astronomy

Degrees offered: Minor, BA, BS, MA, PhD


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